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Best of 2017 - Year in Review Video

Happy New Year! Check out the best views of 2017 from the Go Fast Turn Left Club. #GoFastTurnLeft #GFTLTV

Best of 2017 - Year in Review

Recent Video

Check out Dustin's solid run at the Afton Motorsports Park on 10/6/17 to cap off the 2017 season. Dustin drove to the front from his 9th place starting position. Enjoy! #DriveItLikeYouStoleIt #GoFastTurnLeft #GFTLTV

Afton Motorsports Park 10/6/17

2018 Season

The 2017 season is in the record books and we are now preparing for 2018. We are seeking members and partners to make the 2018 season a successful one. Read more about the GFTL club to get involved.



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In 2011 the Go Fast Turn Left Club was created by Dustin Purdy in an effort to pursue his passion for autoracing. Every now and then we are fortunate enough to get a glimpse of our dreams and passions. Some of us actually get to live out those dreams and embellish them for many many years. Dustin was able to get a taste of what that feels like.


Autoracing is an expensive sport and relies heavily on various types of sponsorship. We need your help to survive! The Go Fast Turn Left Club is a way we can bring awesome racing videos to you and continute to pursue our passion for motor sports.


I-88 Speedway 8/16/13 - Photo Credit: Bill McGaffin



Help our race team! Joining is fast and easy and costs as little as $1. When you donate, please indicate how you would like to appear on our website; you may remain anonymous if you wish.

FMP Speedway 8/23/14 - Photo Credit: Danielle Dickinson

Promotional Video

Promotional Video


Members will appear: 1. on as well as on and all affiliate sites of; 2. as a sponsor on any video posted from our in-car cameras; and 3. on our race car (if the donation is generous enough.) You may also choose to be an anonymous member as well. We respect the privacy of all members and appreciate your help.

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