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In 2011 the Go Fast Turn Left Club was created by Dustin Purdy in an effort to pursue his passion for autoracing. Every now and then we are fortunate enough to get a glimpse of our dreams and passions. Some of us actually get to live out those dreams and embellish them for many many years. Dustin was able to get a taste of what that feels like.

A struggling economy had tightened the vice on those dreams for Dustin. Finding help during the economic recession was challenging and had been without success. Without a ride and sponsors for the upcoming racing season Dustin had to look toward other means in order to live out his passions and dreams. Hence, the Go Fast Turn Left Club was born!

Running a race car is quite expensive and without help almost impossible. They say that if you want to become a millionare in racing, start out as a billionare! For a quick education on why sponsorship is so critical to my survival check out the cost of racing below. Please note that this is just a short list which covers some of the major areas but leaves off many other expenses.

Dustin is now back racing with support from his dad and the family business, but the two continue to struggle to make ends. The rising costs of racing, and economy make it difficult for a a small team to survive. Even with these difficult challenges we are living proof that the underdog can survive and be competitive!

We are surviving, but we still need your help! Businesses, fans, and friends can become part of a sport that is historic and deep in its roots. Racing is a passion and a way of life. For as little a donation as a dollar, you can help a racer continue to pursue his dreams and passions. Your donations will go toward the race car and nothing else. Those that become members of the club can embellish the fact that they help helped keep this way of life alive and have helped an aspiring racer live out his dreams.

Members will appear: 1. on this website as well as on dustinpurdy.com and all affiliate sites of purdymotorsports.com; 2. as a "sponsor" on any video posted from our in-car cameras; and 3. on our race car (if the donation is generous enough.) You may also choose to be an anonymous member as well. We respect the privacy of all members and appreciate your help.

Also check out www.purdymotorsports.com for other marketing opportunities.


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